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Good times! I love this song! haha!
Dedicated to 13/18! Good times in Dinoland, USA.
This song is stuck in my head from yesterday.
This makes me happy. And this whole time I didn't think I would enjoy a thing from my music class!
No stress today. I just need to listen to this!

Ticonderoga makes bear hugs.

There's something oddly comforting and familiar about writing in pencil. So rarely do people my age use pencils these days. In college, it's all about pens and typing and whatnot, but I LOVE writing in pencil. I guess on some sort of deeper level, it reminds me of a time when it was ok to mess up. It reminds me that there used to be a time when we could change our mistakes rather than just trying to fix and forget them.

Hmm... either way, using a pencil makes me feel like I'm snuggling in a huge down comforter with the air conditioning on high and raindrops hitting the window. It makes me feel like eating soup while wearing my jammies and watching Moulin Rouge! It reminds me of the way my sister's apartment used to smell and the way I used to pretend I was a member of the Brady family (Gosh, I was such an odd kid.)

I leave you with this blog, not only letting you know how I feel about the almighty Number 2 pencil, but encouraging you, my dear friend, do put down your silly gel pens and pick up a mustard-yellow pencil and just write and scribble to your heart's content!

Never Did No Wanderin'

   So my first week of school since returning from Disney is over and, surprisingly, it wasn't as crazy intense and scary as I thought it would be. And even more surprising is the fact that I actually enjoy reading for classes now. Tasks and assignments I used to find tedious or annoying are now enjoyable. Albeit, the semester is still young, but so far so good, right?

    So many other things have changed, as far as the campus goes. There are these crazy sculptures all over campus now. Huge metal blocks and rods now stand where nothing had before. They look like something out of a Salvador Dali painting, but not as creative - not that I don't like them, they're just unfamiliar and odd right now. I miss the campus the way it used to be.

    Changes I approve of, however, include the completion of the North end of the stadium! It's so massive now! When I left, there was still a ton of construction to be done, but the completed project is, dare I say, breathtaking! It makes me want to be a Longhorn fan! The renovations to the Bass Concert Hall are almost complete! I have tickets to 5 Broadway Across America shows that will be housed in the performing arts center and I'm excited to see what Bass looks like once it's completed!

    As far as classes are concerned, I have 3 projects for RTF318 (Intro to Image and Sound) and 8 projects for RTF319 (Intro to Digital Media) that are sure to keep me busy throughout the semester. The fact that these projects, at least for 319, consist of 80% of my final grade is a bit terrifying, but the challenge to be truly creative and to think outside the box is refreshing.

    I'm also taking a history class (United States History: 1492-1865) which, let's be honest, isn't super interesting. I'm hoping it'll get better as the semester goes on, but I guess only time will tell. My physical science class this semester is a continuation of the physical science class I took in the Spring of 2008, so it shouldn't be too difficult. The créme de la créme of my schedule this semester is my music class: Pop Music in World Cultures. It's basically a class where we discuss the influence of popular/world music on different cultures and societies around the world and they ways in which we use this music to develop societies.

    Overall, I'm looking forward to this semester. So here's a toast to the Spring of 2009!

Updates will (hopefully) come frequently, so check back every week or so.


Dancing makes Doug happy.

So this video is amazing. I was having a really stressful/emotional day,
but watching this totally changed my mood.

Watch in HD if you can. So amazing.

That'sa Spicy Meat-a-ball!

I've been back in Texas for almost 2 weeks now and, as I feared, it's impossible to avoid talking about Disney or my roommates/friends at any given moment. I'm sure it's getting to the point where others are getting annoyed, but it just comes out like word vommit (thanks for that one, Tina Fey). I still feel as though I'll be returning to Chatham Square and Disney any day now. This whole Texas thing feels like a vacation. I wonder how long I can keep that idea in my mind before reality sets in and I get depressed. Speaking of dejection...

...I went to IKEA with my sister today [I bought this sweet chair! -->]. It made me really happy, although I feel like I'm going to be visiting IKEA often as a form of retail therapy when I'm in my mid-thirtys (due to some random and super stressful corporate job I took whilst trying to start a career in theatre production, no doubt! This job, despite my complete disinterest in it however, comes with a snazzy paycheck that keeps me thinking that it's not so bad to work in a little cubicle for a few months as long as i'm making enough money to support my addiction to Swedish furniture and clothes from The Gap. But then there will be those times when i'm sitting alone in my trendy downtown loft assembling the particle board coffee table when I suddenly realize that my favorite hangout is the IKEA restaurant. Sure they have free WIFI and 99¢ breakfast, but that's no excuse for me to make excursions to IKEA just to chat it up with the employees. I'll have real friends, of course, but they aren't paid to care about what I think like the IKEA employees are.).

Ahem, where were we? Anyhow, life is still boring without the roommies and Disney being at the center of it all, but I move into my new apartment and start classes in a week or so, so I'm banking on that to lift my spirits. I guess we'll see about that, huh?

Until next time,

Oh, and listening to the Mamma Mia! soundtrack reminds me that my blogs don't necessarily need to be interesting or of great quality as long as I somehow make them fun and put Meryl Streep in the spotlight... Good times.
Well, I never thought this day would come, at least not as quickly as it did. I'm in Florida now and checked-in to the Disney College Program (DCP). Basically I've been waiting to be where I am since my sophomore year of high school. Now, 4 years later, I sit in my Disney-provided apartment and feel more alone than ever. I guess it'll all pass in a few days, once I make some friends and all.

Today was a pretty crazy day. Check-In started at 9 AM, so of course everyone showed up at like 7:30 to wait in line. We didn't end up getting here (my Dad and I, that is) until about 8:15. Still early, but not early enough! No worries. The check-in process went relatively fast, considering the huge number of cast members they were checking-in at a time.

The process was like this: We started off lined up outside a pavilion in the Vista Way complex. You know those omni-mover rides (like the Haunted Mansion and Spaceship Earth) that are just continuous movement? That's how the check-in process was; just a continuous maze of lines and paperwork. Oh, did I mention we got background check and fingerprints taken? My pinkies are totally deformed. The computer just wouldn't accept them, so the guy just had to override my pinky error (though he insisted on calling me "The Pinky").

After the security check, my Dad picked me up and we went to Chick-Fil-A for a quick bite to eat. We went back to the hotel, packed all my bags, found Chatham Square (the apartment complex I'll be residing in for the next 5 months), and dumped all my crap in the room. One of my housemates was already here (it's a 3 bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor of building 13), so I met him and all that good stuff. And within the next 15 minutes or so, the rest of the housemates showed up. Everyone seems really cool so far, though I haven't really gotten to talk to them yet.

I had a Housing Welcome Session at 12:30, so once all my stuff was in the apartment, my Dad took me down to The Commons. The next 2 hours was basically a big 'do's and don'ts' list for the housing complex and the actual DCP itself - pretty boring and a total 'i don't need to know this, this doesn't apply to me' sort of thing.

After the meeting, I met up with some people I met on Facebook and we walked back to Chatham. I unpacked all my stuff while my housemates went to their welcome session (they arrived later, so they had to wait until 3 for their meeting). Dad picked me up later and we went to Target to buy typical housing supplies and food (on his tab, of course. Thanks for dinner too, Dad!)

He dropped me off at the apartment after dinner, we said our goodbyes, and I was left to finish the rest of my unpacking. Since then, I got myself all situated in the room and whatnot. So far, today's been a pretty neat day. I'm pretty exhausted and I have another meeting tomorrow at 9 AM, so it'll be a bit difficult to wake up, I assume.

So yeah... I just wanted to update everyone on what was going on and how my day went.